I hate writing descriptions about me, I never know where to start.
What do people want to hear first?
-That I'm a student at ULV
-I named my VW BUG Jude after the Beatles song
....or do they want to know what makes me me?
-I'm Greek
-My family is super close, and I wouldn't change it for anything
-My proudest trait is that I am a god-mother to Kaylee Baybee <3
...or do you want some fun facts
-I'm the pickiest eater in the world
-I hate snuggies
-I love toe sox
-I'm so emotional that I cry during commercials
-I'm a sucker for chick flicks and cheesy romance stories
-I laugh like a hyena, all day everyday
-I love to blast my music, put on my sunglasses and sing in my car
-I get lost almost everywhere I go because I'm terrible at directions, but it's always an adventure =)
-I name inanimate objects to make long drives fun
-I love to people watch and make up scenarios of who they are, where they're going, and what they're talking about
-I love watching people play Slug Bug when they see my car
-I love silly text messages
-I love corny jokes and cheesy pick up lines
-Disneyland is what makes me forget about my stress, drama, and everyday troubles
-Everyone has drama, I've had my fair share of it
-I've met a lot of interesting people who have influenced me and made me who I am today
--if you get to know me, make the effort to keep me in your life

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